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Custom Book Cover

Our custom book cover design service offers a tailored approach to visually represent the essence of your literary work. We work closely with you to bring your unique vision to life. We delve deep into the themes, characters, and atmosphere of your book to create a cover that not only grabs attention but also resonates with your target audience. From concept development to final execution, we ensure that your custom book cover becomes a captivating reflection of your story.

Our Custom Packages

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eBook Cover Design


The package includes one custom eBook cover

  • Professional eBook cover design
  • 1 Main character + 1 Animal or Creature
  • Unlimited licensed stock images
  • No hidden stock images fees
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 3D eBook rendering for marketing purposes
  • Title Page
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Print Book Design


The package includes eBook + paperback

  • Everything in the eBook package
  • Full wrap cover design
  • Ready-to-upload paperback cover for one publishing platform
  • 1 Main character + 1 Animal or Creature
  • 3D eBook and print book renderings for marketing purposes
  • Title Page

To ensure a smooth and transparent booking process, we kindly request that all clients carefully review our Terms and Conditions before finalizing their booking.

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Your creative aspirations take center stage, and at Damoro Design, we strive to create visually compelling book covers and refine your manuscript to perfection. What sets us apart is our personalized and collaborative approach. We prioritize your goals and ensure that our services not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your journey as an author is the heart of our mission, and we are committed to make it a success!

Our Clients trust us

  • Working with Michelle is a dream. Starting my journey as an indie author was kind of scary, as it is for many of us. I didn't know how magical my book covers could be until Michelle returned the first draft of my first cover and I absolutely fell in love. I had a lot of small details that I needed to look just right, but no full plan on how I wanted the cover to look. Michelle's imagination and attention to detail created the most beautiful, vibrant, and engaging covers. I was so impressed with her work, as well as her consistent and professional communication throughout the cover creation process, that I also asked her to edit my books. I am so thankful for her work both inside and outside of my books and look forward to having her on my team in the future. Self-publishing can be quite lonely, but Michelle is an ally to those she works with and a true master of her craft.
    T. E. Tran
  • Damoro Design's work is always on point. In my ads, I have countless readers complimenting me on the covers designed by them, even wanting a poster of the artwork. They are professional, helpful, highly skilled and have a great understanding of the market. You are in safe hands with them if you get a book cover designed by them.
    Sam Hall
  • Working with Damoro Design was a complete pleasure! Their professionalism and personal communication with me resulted in a series of book covers beyond my expectations. Their talent paired with their understanding of the market helped guide me in producing the best covers for my entire series as well as a beautiful banner for my personal sites. I recommend working with them for all your book cover and artistic media needs; you will not be disappointed.
    Alisha Basso
  • My experience with Damoro Design has been incredibly positive. Their editing has a keen eye for detail, helping to refine my writing without losing its essence. Additionally, the cover designs are visually captivating and perfectly complement the tone of my work. What truly stands out is their commitment to ensuring client satisfaction through open communication and collaboration. I highly recommend them to fellow authors! Working with them guarantees a seamless and successful publishing journey and I refuse to work with anyone else.
    Ferrell Dawson
  • Discovering Michelle and Damoro Design has significantly enhanced my writing and publishing journey. Their editing expertise helps get my manuscripts to a reader-ready place, while their cover designs always perfectly encapsulate the story. The result is consistently exceptional. I enthusiastically recommend them to fellow authors seeking high-quality editing and cover design services; with them, success is assured.

    Molly Tullis
  • Working with Damoro Design on both the editing and book cover services was a wonderful experience. Michelle did an excellent job with the edits and proofreading for my book. Her comments were helpful and I loved working with her. People have also told me they loved the cover so much and that it got them interested in reading the book. I highly recommend this company!
    Ames B. Winterbourne
  • Every single cover I've ordered through Damoro Design has absolutely blown me away. They are so easy to work with, are super quick to respond to emails, and have such a fantastic eye for design. They somehow take the collage of ideas I have and turn it into a fantastic, cohesive cover every single time. Highly, highly recommend.
    Gray Holborn
  • Damoro Design have lifted my brand in every way with their incredible covers and editing services. The team are always the utmost professionals, offering solid industry advice and creating an excellent working experience.
    Amy Kuivalainen
  • Damoro Design always go above and beyond with their services. I won't release anything with out their solid editing and story advice, and their cover design team always create something that's stunning and better than I can imagine!
    Alessa Thorn

Book cover design

1How do I get started?
Choose the service you need and fill out the form. We ask you a few questions to get better acquainted with your book, requirements, and creative vision. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
If you are not ready to book one of our services, then drop us a line and we will happily discuss your needs.
2How can I pay for the services I choose?
We receive payments through PayPal.
3Are the covers AI generated?
No. All our covers are designed from scratch by a human designer, using stock images, creativity and your input. We work in Adobe Photoshop.
4What happens after I complete the order form?
Once you complete and submit the order form, we'll send you an invoice so you can make your 50% deposit through PayPal. This is due before we start working on your project.
5What happens if I don't like the first draft of my book cover?
We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations, but we understand that we might not always convey your vision from the start. We will create a brand new design based on your feedback.
6Do you really offer unlimited revisions?
We offer unlimited revisions within reason. This means that we will change elements, colors, fonts, or anything else you may require. We are willing to offer as many revisions as possible for the stage we are in. Once you approve the design, we will NOT go back to redesign the whole cover.
7Can I provide images for the book cover design?
Yes. The image must be high resoltion (at least 300dpi) and you must own the rights to use the image. This does not change the cover design fee.
8Can I order an eBook package now and the print cover later?
Sure. You will only have to pay the additional fee for the paperback add-on when you are ready to order your print book cover.
9Do I have to pay a fee for stock images?
Yes and no. Stock images are included in the price you pay for your design package, and we will buy them for you from Adobe Stock, Depositphotos or Shutterstock.
For some genres, we may design covers using stock from Period Images, JL, Hot Damn Stock, Taylor Alexander, Neo Stock, The Reed Files, Period Stock, Figure Stock, The Indie Stock. If you choose a book cover concept using stock images from these providers, please check with the respective sellers for prices. We may buy the images for you for the fee they specify, or you can buy the image/s yourself.
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