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Book Editing

Editing, Proofreading & Beta-Reading

Our goal is to make your story shine and present your best work to your audience! We accept all genres, but have a special fondness for Romance and Fantasy.


Do the characters have distinctive voices? Are they three dimensional? Are the secondary characters well-drawn? Are their relationships and emotional responses believable? You will receive comments to help you create compelling characters that readers root for.

Are there any confusing parts that disrupt the reading flow? We will highlight and make suggestions so you can improve your manuscript.

Does your character have blue eyes? Do you use “learnt” instead of “learned”? We will make sure grammar, punctuation, and descriptions are consistent throughout your book.

Does your story have a wide range of sentence structures? Do the sentences flow naturally? We will assist you with structure, suggest rewrites, and point out when something doesn’t make sense.

Are you consistently using the correct verb tense? Do you use synonyms instead of repeating the same word over and over again? Did you make the correct word choice? We will help with all these issues and more!

We are Oxford comma friendly! While we fix glaring mistakes, we can recognize your voice and style and do our best to perfect it.


This service is offered only if your manuscript has been edited. We’ll assist you with:

We will check for typographical and formatting errors as well as other grammar issues that still need to be fixed.

We will also check for spelling mistakes, word usage consistency, and punctuation errors.

Although by this stage all sentence structure problems should be resolved, we will still point out any issues or inconsistencies we find.


We will analyze from a reader’s perspective the effectiveness of the opening chapters, conflict, and idea credibility.

Are there any info dumps? Is there too much/too little backstory? We will also offer personal opinions about the story flow and the high/low points of your story.

Are they well fleshed out? Are they consistent throughout the story? Are the secondary characters necessary to the story?

Are the emotions well conveyed on the page? Can the reader be captivated by the events and by the characters?

Do the characters tell how they think/feel instead of showing through strong words and actions? We’ll help you figure out where showing is needed.

Does it sound good/believable? Do the characters have their distinct voice?

Do any scenes need to be strengthened, cut out, or adjusted?

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